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Juggalo Day Weekend Details Revealed!!!

Juggalo’s!!! The scrolls have been unrolled and the secret contents have now been transcribed into the freshness about to be revealed.

The 2 day spectacular known as Juggalo Day Weekend will be the only place to see....


The Heckles and Macabre Show!!!


Day 1 is Heckles: A night of straight clownin, laughs, and carnival thrills. ICP is going to do a special set with their funniest songs ever made. In addition, there's going to be circus acts, hilarious stunts, JCW bizarro wrestling, comedy........CLOWNIN! 

Day 2 is Macabre: A celebration of the WICKED SHIT. ICP presents the darkest, most sinister show of their entire career, performing their sickest, most horrific, darkest songs ever. With sickening skin suspension sideshows, pure horror, thrills, and chills, and JCW bloody death matches. WICKED in this BITCH!

It's all going down at the Fremont Country Club in lovely Las Vegas, Nevada!!!

Our family members LYTE, BIG HOODOO, and OUIJA will be in effect, and don't sleep on the one and only DJ CLAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

It all goes down at the Fremont Country Club!!! But wait--there's more! Additional acts will be announced soon!!!! Get your tickets now while they last:





Backstage Bar



Slamfest Tour with Insane Clown Posse And Attila!

Insane Clown Posse and Metal Core masters ATTILA are forming like Voltron to bring you the SLAMFEST TOUR!!!!

They will be bringing the jams while you provide the slams for a month of mayhem and faygo fueled moshing!!!! COAST TO COAST!!!

 Tickets and VIP packages are ON SALE NOW!!!!!


We'll see you in the pit, JUGGALOS!!!!! 





Thu 03/1/18 Funk N Waffles Rochester, NY

Fri 03/2/18 The Palladium Worcester, MA 

Sat 03/3/18 The Chance Poughkeepsie, NY

Sun 03/4/18 Upstate Concert Hall Albany, NY 

Tue 03/6/18 Newport Music Hall Columbus, OH

Wed 03/7/18 Rex Theater Pittsburgh, PA 

Thu 03/8/18 Reverb Reading, PA

Fri 03/9/18 Canal Club Richmond, VA

Sat 03/10/18 Tarheel Jacksonville, NC

Sun 03/11/18 Salvage Station Asheville, NC

Wed 03/14/18 The Masquerade Atlanta, GA 

Fri 03/16/18 18th Street Pier San Leon, TX

Sat 03/17/18 Alamo City Music Hall San Antonio, TX 

Sun 03/18/18 Gas Monkey Live Dallas, TX

Tue 03/20/18 Sunshine Theater Albuquerque, NM

Wed 03/21/18 The Pressroom Phoenix, AZ

Thu 03/22/18 The Regent Los Angeles, CA

Fri 03/23/18 The Observatory Santa Ana, CA

Sat 03/24/18 Jub Jub's Reno, NV

Sun 03/25/18 Midtown Bend, OR

Mon 03/26/18 Studio 7 Seattle, WA

Wed 03/28/18 Pub Station Ballroom Billings, MT

Fri 03/30/18 Pop's St Louis, MO

Sat 03/31/18 The Forge Joliet, IL

Sun 04/1/18 The Filmore Detroit


That’s right ninjas—you heard correctly! The New Year is about to go down with some of the dopest flavor in store that will straight up impact you like a grand piano dropped on your dome piece Three Stooges style. To get things crackin’ properly, we got the Dark Carnival Games Con comin’ at you in May 2018, which is three days of nonstop gaming…Juggalo Style! And where is this spectacle of games, arcades, contests, gameshows, autograph signings, seminars, movies, Juggalo gladiatorial combat, inflatable games, and concerts going to be held this year? None other than the Weed Legal city of the Rocky Mountain state itself…Denver, Colorado! Come join the Juggalo Family for what many refer to as the ultimate throwback, recapturing the feel of the very first and fabled Juggalo Gatherings, and find out for yourself why last year’s first ever Dark Carnival Games Con was so much fun!

Here’s the low down for what’s about to go down:

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On the final day of grand jubilee year of '17, the year of the Juggalo Family, we here at Psychopathic Records are filled with gratitude, appreciation, and mad clown love for all the Juggalo Family has brought us in this diamond-studded amazing year. What was your favorite moment of '17? Juggalo Day in Florida, The Tunnel of Love XXX Show, Juggalo Prom Night, The Amazing Jeckel Bros Live, The First Ever Dark Carnival Games Con, The Debut of the ultimate Juggalo party game, Juggalos Against Sanity and the Terrible Expansion, ICP's Double EP Show, with Beverly Kills and The Terror Wheel, THE JUGGALO MARCH ON WASHINGTON!!!!, GOTJ in OKC, The Shangri-La Show, The Biggest Hallowicked To Date, with the All-Day All-Night Psychopathic 17 Spooktacular, The Carnival of Carnage Show, ICP's Spray the UK Tour, The Great Milenko Tour, Canadian Juggalo Weekend, The Biggest Ballas You Ever Seen in Nashville TN Christmas Party, the grand finale of ICP's massive Riddlebox Tour, the release of S2D's highly anticipated F.T.F.O.M.F., the debut of Lyte's Psychopathic Monstar, the Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope solo tours, the debut of Ouija, a grand total of 7 Music Videos and 2 Psyphers, the debut of Psychopathic TV and the Sex Files Show, the debut of the all-new Psychopathic Merch, ICP's Waxworx collection of ultra rare vinyl, and to cap it all off, the UNVEILING OF THE NEW JOKERS CARD: FEARLESS FRED FURY! Here we come 2018! Psychopathic Records is ready for the dawn of a new era, and it is about to get FURIOUS!!!! We love you, Juggalos! Let the final days of 17 shine on in our hearts and souls forever! #BewareFFF



Emerging Soon

Other titles availabe here:  I-Tunes Psychoapthic Merch  Spotify

Insane Clown Posse
Get your Tuesday night served up right!!! Shaggy 2 Dope rolls deep into Indianapolis, Indiana TONIGHT with DJ CLAY and LYTE to rock the House FTFOMF style!! Whoop Whoop!!! Grab a ticket and treat yourself to the sounds of the Southwest Strangla aka The Windpipe Tangla! -kg
Insane Clown Posse
2 charms. 2 laminates. 2 wristbands. 1 hat. 1 Mic. 1 KG! #PMA #LYD @therealicp #JuggaloDay #juggaloweekend @sickofitallnyc
Insane Clown Posse
‪Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope straight killing it on NIGHT 1 of #JuggaloWeekend #JuggaloDay #Heckles ‬ ‪Photo by @nickkarpphotos
Insane Clown Posse
FROM THE STUDIO OF VIOLENT J: RUBY BRUCE'S HUMANE SOCIETY FUNDRAISER T-SHIRT. "Juggalos! I never been prouder to be a Juggalo! We've been so consumed with FFF, it's a true OBSESSION. The will to "FITEBACK!" engulfs us! My daughter Ruby is only 11, yet flush with mad ideas & crazy will to FITEBACK! against animals cruelty and pet homelessness by announcing that she's raising money for the Humane Society! Like me, she knows the power of Juggalo Love well. So for three nights straight, she poured her soul into a drawing of ICP chillin with every kind of pet thinkable! Now Psychopathic Merch is meticulously printing her freshly perfected artwork onto a special T-Shirt, with all the proceeds going straight into Ruby Bruce's HUMANE SOCIETY fund to combat animal cruelty. Help lil' Ruby help animals by picking up your tshirt! Juggalo Family unite to help them four-legged fellas and critters! Debuting at Juggalo Weekend!" --Violent J, Duke of the Wicked #RubyBruceArt #SupportKidArtists #HumaneSociety #FITEBACK! #juggaloweekend
Insane Clown Posse
This Friday. This Saturday. Not just any day. Not just any weekend. This is Juggalo Day Weekend, Mottherfackos and we are taking less then zero shorts to bring you the illest Juggalo Weekend ever. Las Vegas is the place and if you like weed it’s LEGAL to stuff it in your face. Heckles and Macabre. Two totally different themes and sounds. Night 1 is Heckles. = Straight Clownin’ Night 2 is Macabre. = Disturbing Horror. Heckles = ICP doing the most fun filled and comedic songs from their ribald collection of classics. Plus @rittz will be killing it, along with @djclay313 @lyte_official and #greenjelly plus JCW Bizarro wrestling and mad themed flavor for you to savor. Macabre = ICP delivering the most wickedest audio Horror symphonies from the warped casket they keep the dankest material locked away in. Plus, @kungfuvampire Will slay the stage, @bighoodoo Will unleash his pain, that tortured soul @fuccouija Will be doing hoodrat things with his friends, The @theflatlinerz Will teach a lesson in horrorcore that will never be forgotten. And JCW is delivering a Deathmatch show for ages. Friday and Saturday: DOORS OPEN at 5! Show Starts at 6!
Insane Clown Posse
On March 1st, It begins. A tour of epic magnitude, and a pit full of undisputed attitude!! Slamfest 2018! INSANE CLOWN POSSE x ATTILA x SYLAR x Cage x Lil Toe Nail x OUIJA & Lyte 🤘 General admission Tickets and VIP on sale for every show at www.InsaneClownPosse.VIP
Insane Clown Posse
Cincinnati Ohio! Shaggy 2 Dope will be killing it in your city tomorrow at THE MAD FROG and in addition to HIS KNIFE he will be bringing @djclay313 and @lyte_official as Cincinnati Area ninjas get a chance to witness the incredible #FTFOMF tour!! Don’t sleep. Peep the freshness. VIP meet and greet also available.
Insane Clown Posse
Guess Who's BACK, MAFAKA!!!!!!!!!!! THE SOUTHWEST STRANGLA HIMSELF.... Shaggy 2 Dope returns TONIGHT 8pm Eastern, 5pm Pacific to PSYCHOPATHIC TV on FACEBOOK....BUT THATS NOT ALL....HES ALSO BRINGING A WORLD PREMIERE VIDEO FROM Lyte for the track SHUT EM DOWN with him!!! #DON'T MISS AN ALL NEW THE FUK EVA! Photo by @hazin_lane
Insane Clown Posse
Announcement: There ARE still hotel rooms left for the 2018 Dark Carnival Games Con! We've been getting reports of the official DCG hotel (attached to the convention center) being sold out, but you can still book yours now using the group code DCA! You MUST use the group code to get a room--the hotel is filling up fast, and this is about to be Juggalo Central! It's goin down May 11th to 13th at the Crowne Plaza Denver Convention Center--your one spot for nonstop games, concerts, contests, and flavor. Book your room today, while they last...and remember the group code: DCA! Whoop whoop!
Insane Clown Posse
‪Night 2 of Juggalo Weekend in Las Vegas is all about “Macabre” and JCW will deliver BLOODY Deathmatch Wrestling!! ‬ ‪Thumbtacks. Lightbulbs. Barbed Wire. Tables. Chairs. Live commentary by the voice of JCW @ogkevingill plus Legal marijuana for pain relief!! ‬ JCW hardcore superstars like Chuey Martinez and Mosh Pit Mike will be cutting and bleeding all night long! Dirty Ron McDonald is back! The debut of Desi Derata! The return of the pimp Big Baby Powder! The nerd seeks bloody revenge, and much more! Don’t miss out on the sickest Juggalo day... EVER!! Walk. Run. Crawl. Hitch-hike. Levitate. Do what you have to do to get your tickets, NOW!!!
Insane Clown Posse
‪Night 1 of Juggalo Weekend in Las Vegas includes JCW BIZARRO wrestling! ‬ ‪Featuring the return of HUMAN TORNADO! ‬ ‪The debuts of former WWE/Impact Star Sinn Bohdi, Techno Destructo (Co-founder of Gwar) , Cereal Man, & more! Juggalo favorites and new faces! Plus ya boy KG on commentary! ‬