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5 Reasons Why You Should Attend The Big Ballas Xmas Party This Weekend!

Insane Clown Posse's Big Ballas Xmas Party has become a true Detroit Yuletide tradition. Fuck, it's more of a tradition than Santa Claus' fat ass and your drunk uncle's ugly Christmas sweater. But THIS year's party, which takes place this Saturday at St. Andrew's Hall in Detroit is special for a BigBallas2014.FINALvariety of reasons. And here's several reasons why you shouldn't miss it:

1. Because the lineup is OFF THE MOTHERFUCKING CHAIN! This year we've got our homies the Kottonmouth Kings doing a full set! The bone crushing action of JCW, featuring all your favorite brawlers including 2 Tuff Tony and Mad Man Pondo just to name a few! Performances by Psychopathic spin doctor DJ Clay! And our homies Critical Bill and Young Lyte! It's a night simply jammed with flavor!

2. Sweet Sugar Slam is hosting a FRESH ASS toy drive at Big Ballas to help ensure that all kids in the Metro Detroit area are able to have something dope to open for Christmas. If you participate in Sugar Slam's Super Live Toy Drive, you will get the hook up! Here are the details:

A. Bring a NEW and SEALED toy worth $5 or more…AND BRING THE RECEIPT. You must have the receipt with you to participate.

B. Deliver the toy to Sugar Slam’s table at the Balla party and you will get a FREE copy of Psychopathic’s dope “Holiday Heat” CD (Note: Only ONE CD per family). That’s right. FREE! But check this out…THE FIRST 75 JUGGALOS WHO DONATE TO THE TOY DRIVE WILL RECEIVE AN OLD SCHOOL “GREAT MILENKO” PROMO FLAT PERSONALLY SIGNED BY VIOLENT J AND SHAGGY! So get in line early!

All toys that we collect at the party will be donated to several different charities in Oakland County. So it’s a win-

win: The kids get flavor at Christmas, you get a free CD and maybe an autographed old school ICP flat! How’s THAT for holiday spirit!? So go toy shopping, Juggalos!

3. All Juggalos who attend the Big Ballas Xmas Party will leave with a FREE poster of the next Joker's Card...The Missing Link! 

4. There will be ALL NEW MERCH for sale at the merch booth, featuring many exclusive new items that are NOT available on Hatchet Gear yet...including "Missing Link" flavor. Need a last minute Christmas gift for that special Juggalo in your life? You'll find it at the Big Ballas Xmas Party!

5. The last reason should be obvious...BECAUSE YOU GET TO ENJOY THE JOYOUS HOLIDAY SPIRIT WITH YOUR FELLOW JUGGALOS BROTHERS AND SISTERS! To me, that's the greatest flavor of all.

Get those tickets now, Juggalos! SEE YOU THERE!

Date: Saturday, December 20

Doors: 7 p.m.

Location: St. Andrew’s Hall, 431 E. Congress St., Detroit

Tickets: $22 advance, $25 at the door

Tickets available here:




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Other titles availabe here:  I-Tunes Psychoapthic Merch  Spotify

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‪Hellloooo Richmond!!!!‬ ‪ #Slamfest2018 rolling through Virginia TONIGHT!!‬ ‪Who’s setting it off in the pit?‬ ‪And who’s who’s coming to kick it?‬ ‪Thanks to #AprilSulli for the pic! ‬ @aprilsulli
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The crown jewel in the crown of the almighty Psychopathic TV is the worldwide Juggalo show. TONIGHT! 8pm Eastern/ 5 Pacific!! It features OG family THE RUDEBOY, the Don Mega of MegaAwesomeFreshness: Jumpsteady!!! And your homie from around the way, KG KEVIN GILL. Tonight we want you to call in. We want to know who you want to see rock the stage at the gathering. Who you want to tell jokes. Who you want to see wrestle? Who do you want to tickle your tonsils with a turkey leg???!!?!! Please call in, and the chat room will be open. And once the show starts we can read some comments from this post on the air. We love you family. Tune in tonight and join the conversation about The Gathering Of The Juggalos. Whoop Whoop!!! Cc @rudeboyluv cc @ogkevingill #Juggalo #Slamfest2018 #InsaneClownPosse #ICP #TheJuggaloShow
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‪The homie #StraightEdgeJuggalo had a bomb time seeing the #Slamfest2018 tour through the eyes of a G, a VIP, and a ninja who is drug free!‬ ‪Check out INSANECLOWNPOSSE.VIP for all the details and scoops! 2 Whoops! -KG ‬cc @straightedgejuggalo
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#SlamFest2018 is leaving dance floors soaked in a unique blend of Faygo, sweat, & face paint. Here’s where to experience @therealicp with @djclay313 AND @attila_ga @cagewm @lyte_official @sylarny @fuccouija & LIL TOE NAIL this week!
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We talkin bout HOMIES HOMIES!!! Tag your Homies here and remind them how much they mean to you.
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Juggalos, Juggalettes, Scrubbalos, Scrubettes, Carnie Freaks, and Circus Geeks--Come One, Come All! To the very special Dark Carnival Super Show! ONLY AT THE DARK CARNIVAL GAMES CON! Oddities and killer clowns rejoice! Join us for a very special celebration of the mighty, marvelous, magnificent greatest show on earth, bitch!!! Insane Clown Posse presents to you a show like no other, featuring all your favorite crazed carnival, circus, killer carnie favorites! Juggalo Family join us for this celebration of the Dark Carnival tradition--Saturday night only at DCG Con! With sideshows Mac Sabbath, Lyte, Ouija, MC Lars, and Sewerside! Three-day badges are available now. It's the Dark Carnival Games Con! For Juggalos, By Juggalos!!! #dcgcon #darkcarnival #juggalofamily
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Shaggy 2 Dope snack attack! #slamfest2018
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Faygo Break at The Chance in Poughkeepsie, Ny on #slamfest2018 Photo by PRJ at Fallin Starr photography for @faygoluversheaven See you tonight in Clifton Park, Motherfackos!!!! Whoop whoop!! Shoutout to @djclay313 for holding it down on the turntables and to @attila_ga @lyte_official @sylarny @cagewm @fuccouija & @liltoe for melting faces for a living. All dates and tickets at insaneclownposse.VIP
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First 2 shows of the tour are done! Thanks so much to all the ninjas who came to Rochester and to Worcester!! Tonight catch us at The Chance in Poughkeepsie, and tomorrow in Clifton Park NY at Upstate Music Hall! #slamfest2018 with @attila_ga @cagewm @sylarny @lyte_official @liltoe @fuccouija Whoop whoop!!