“Whatz Happilatin?” by Violent J

Bang! Pow! Boom! Tour Rehearsals

What up y’all? Today was day two of the official Bang! Pow! Boom! Tour rehearsals as we gear up for the largest tour in ICP’s history. We’re headed back to Australia, and Europe but not before sweeping back and forth across the United States for 64 explosive shows. I don’t know what it is… I don’t really have it all figured out. But I’m more exited than I have been in a long ass piece of time. I thought I always was exited about tours and stuff before but this time it’s like a whole new meaning to the word. I feel like this year for ICP has been the best ever. The movie Big Money Rustlas is finally shot sealed and delivered. It’s done and ready to be packaged and released. Long time Juggalos out there already know how long we’ve been talking shit about this movie. We been saying it’s on its way for so long it’s been like a 10 year running joke. But the fact was we knew if we were going to do it, we had to do it right. Bigger and better than the first movie! And without the backing of a major label like Island Def Jam, that shit is far from easy. But we pulled it off and we did it nicely. We fuckin’ super scoop slammed that shit. Just wait till it drops! Then the Gathering came this year. The 10th Annual and it turned out to be an overwhelming success for us. Even weather wise, it was all good. More ninjas came to the Gathering this year than any year ever before. We landed all the greats like Kottonmouth Kings, Tech N9ne, and Ice Cube just to name a few which ain’t easy to do but the chips just seemed to fall into place for us. The Juggalo karma was just too powerful. Then we had the best time ever while recording an album. Those good times and all that great karma of working day by day with Mike E Clark again shined through all over the finished product. Making Bang! Pow! Boom! was one of the best times we’ve ever had in the studio. Juggalos really seem to be feeling the album big time from what we gather. It came out and landed number 4 on Billboard top 200. A feat we did only once before 10 years ago, while following up our biggest record ever, The Great Milenko, and with the help and support of Island Def Jam. This time we did it all by ourselves on Psychopathic. According to all those who hate us, and many do after all, we are The Most Hated Band In The World. According to them, we were washed up after Milenko. Yet here we are 10 years later, once again up in the top five. When the Juggalos speak, they speak in volume. The Juggalos spoke so loudly for Bang! Pow! Boom! they put us way, way, up there with all that huge corporate, major label, commercialized, processed, manufactured music. That Top 5 music is created by suits and big wigs and spoon-fed on TV and radio to the nation. It gets ate up by billions of mindless teenagers and followers who are told whats cool. Its processed big business, the exact opposite of real underground un-tapped music. We’re talkin’ the likes of Whitney Houston, Hanna Montana, Taylor Shifty, Britney Spears and others. And even if for only for a week, here is the Juggalo nation pushing ICP and our independent brand of wicked shit all the way up there with them fucks! It’s like we just popped way up at the top for a second fuckin’ up their photo for a week! That’s the power of Juggalos! ICP at number four? You could hear the words “what the fuck?” ringin’ outta offices in New York and LA that morning. Producers, writers, big wigs, managers, bookers, promoters, presidents, agents, programmers, and artists everywhere all stunned. “But how? But why? How could this be?” Nobody expected Insane Clown Posse poppin’ up at number 4, nobody seen it coming. ICP is far from dead! We’re buried deep underground but the Juggalos are a powerful movementwhen they wanna be. Unlike the rest of the top 200, ICP has absolutely zero no radio or video love. Lil Wayne and T-Pain ain’t on the album, in fact there aint no guest artist helping sell records. Just the net, major street tactics and good old word of mouth. Wicked Clownz all up in the top ten like a sucker punch from the underground nation to the eye of the industry. Just letting everybody know we don’t need there system to succeed. Fuck the corporate machine. There are other ways to be heard without having them taint, alter and finally approve your music first. Shit we ride on our own terms thanks to the real original people who love us. People with their own opinion who ignore the regulars. We will never forget it either. We owe the Juggalos everything. We love Juggalos so much our commitment to them is never ending. We live to provide Juggalos with dope entertainment to the best of our abilities.

Now we set out on the Bang! Pow! Boom! tour. Were going to be seeing the Juggalos face to face. The people that have made our year so awesome. How can we give them what they want better than ever before. For starters we can make the show longer. We can add many new never before heard songs off the new album. We went out and interviewed Juggalos, held polls, studied there opinions and listened to there thoughts. One fact remains the same, although we all have a worlds worth of flavor in comin, still no two Juggalos are the same. But we did as best as we could in picking which favorites from the new album to play live on this tour. “Zombie Slide”, “2 Catch A Predator”, and “In Yo Face” are guarantees along with more new Bang! Pow! Boom!. But we also dug back in the crates of our back catalog looking for songs we rarely perform live. We pulled a couple oldie but goodies out, dusted them off and prepared them for the tour. I would tell you which ones, but we’d really rather brush your perm back and slap your forehead with them live instead. And then there are those songs that although we may do them on pretty much every tour, they just wouldn’t be right without them. They are proven hits live in concert and staples of our live show like “Lets Go All The Way”, “Dead Body Man” and “Assassins”. We always love to rock these jams, they’re favorites. Those are like our signature moves. Believe me, even with the all time concert classics this tour is mad unique. This tour has skits and stuff that act out on stage like mini plays. We wanted to do two things with this tour. We wanted to try some brand new effects. And we wanted to take some of our classic tactics like “Faygo Breaks” and make them better. Tonight we did our second rehearsal and it was beyond devastating. The Show has more of everything this time it seems. Everything is bigger and doper than usual. Its really gonna’ break my heart playing the smaller stages where we cant put up our full stage but we’ll make up for that by making it hotter and drowning ninjas out with our full variety of Faygo colors and flavors.

We got 3 packed tour buses, 3 semi trucks, and 6 cargo vans all carrying the very best show we can possibly bring.

My mom and step dad came to the rehearsals today, along with my brother Jumpsteady and even my sister Teresa and her husband. My girl and my kids were all there representin’. That was so fuckin’ cool having them all there. We haven’t all been together since like last Christmas. But just them all showing up to see the new show getting worked out was so fuckin dope to me. They were getting all live and cheering and stuff. They were the only crowd there besides our crew. Mike Clark was up in that bitch addin’ his well appreciated antics. He was there helping us out with ideas and input because he goes far and beyond just our record producer he’s a full fledge member of the Psychopathic Team. My kids were also there runnin’ around on stage grabbin’ the mic from me every 20 seconds and yellin’ UUU- Bah! JJ’s so fresh he’s doin’ summersaults on the wooden stage dancing with all the monsters. Tomorrow is full dress rehearsals with a photo shoot with everybody on the tour all in their outfits.

Shaggys fuckin’ killin’ it man. He’s got the super contagious energy that geeks the whole crew up! What he said on Stern was some real heavy shit. He’s on top in his game these days and can’t wait just like me to really rock this tour in ways never before seen through the human eyeball hole.

In our opinion the whole over all feel of this show, feels completely original. This show don’t really run the standard way our shows run… we play more of the songs, some albums we don’t cover at all on this tour, that’s just the way it turned out. Me, Joey, Mike Clark and Eric Davie sat in the fuckin lab putting this show together for about a week and a half. Everyday we would change somethin’ up and make it doper. This ain’t a business tour either. We don’t stand to make a penny off it cause our cost is so high. It’s our biggest show ever. At highlights of this show there’s 16 people on stage, in costume. That’s just how we do it bitch. Our fuckin shit is high production like Hammer used to do it. Right into bankruptcy. But that’s just how we do it live. We bring the the whole whoopla. We bring the Shing! ICP is about theatrics under the BIG TOP BITCH. We’re tryna’ wreck shop and bring a dope ass concert for there people who love us. Especially on this tour, things are going so well, we’re just dying to get out there and give love back by blowin’ minds with a fuckin’ memorable, crazy ass carnival show. It’s the return on the Dark Carnival. Juggalos have heard it now they gonna’ see it.

We’re pretty fuckin’ geeked to have Hed PE comin’ out with us. We know they will get Juggalos super fuckin’ charged up and about to explode, They bring that hard ass live band energy aspect. Just to make this show different we ain’t touring with any other Hatchet acts this time. Like way back in the day, it’s just ICP with some other dope ass groups. We also got one of my favorite rap groups ever. The Dayton Family comin’ out with us on this tour which is also fuckin’ awesome. They Dayton Family are legendary wicked shit artist from Dayton Ave in Flint Town, Michigan. Plus we got this super tight Juggalo rapper from Southwest Detroit. comin’ out that Hatchet House has been kickin’ it with. Peep him out live and let us know somethin’ good!

Welp, I’m out this bitch about to pass out. I just got mad geeked man, I got home from rehearsal, the shit was all fresh, my family was all up in there, things been going so fresh I just wanted to let yall know what’s up with us and let yall know how fuckin’ appreciated your clown love is. We’re gonna bring it as hard as we can on the Bang! Pow! Boom! Tour bringin’ you something old, something new, somethin’ wicked, that’s just how we do. We hope to see you there. If you can’t make it to any of the 64 shows in the US, that sucks for you because your missin’ the one to see… but as sure as Rock N Rye Faygo is absolutely delicious, your still good by us. And for those who can go, bring head gear bitch, cause if you think you know what a bomb ass concert is, experience the NUCLEAR NAPALM of the BANG! POW! BOOM! SHOW

Much love Juggalos. We got one more day of rehearsal at the big ass Royal Oak Music Theatre and then we leave Wednesday night, off to our first show in Minneapolis, Minnesota where Prince will no doubt be front row painted up like Shaggy like he always is. Peace Yall, much clown love. Your homie,

Big Geeked
Violent J with the “WHATZ HAPPILATIN”