FIRST AND FOREMOST, How do you feel about Twiztid leaving Psychopathic?

I feel several different ways actually. I feel bad for the ninjas out there that are hurt by them leaving. I feel bad for those who’ve always wanted them to be here with us at Psychopathic Records with ICP and who don’t fully understand how indie music works. There are some things they are just going to have to try and understand here. Psychopathic is basically ICP’s label. We own this company. Twiztid spent something like 17 years here with us. Just like ICP did, Twiztid too wants to grow as a band and as a business. They want less hands in their cookie jar. Nobody really knows Twiztid’s exact next move but I would guess it is to start their own label and web store just like Shaggy and I did years ago. I know many Juggalos wanted them to spend their entire career here, under our wing. But, see, for Twiztid no matter how we do things, they are always going to be looked at as number two here at Psychopathic next to ICP, only because ICP owns the label! I’m sure they want to be in total control over themselves and any acts they may want to sign. There is no fuckin’ beef or hard feelings in this decision. I mean, come on man, they put in 17 years loyal to the Hatchet! If anybody doubts Twiztid’s loyalty to us or to Juggalos they are fuckin’ truly insane. There was no easy way for them to tell us they were leaving and there was no easy way for us to tell you, other than to just say it and let speculation run wild. People have to factor in something very real and important … Twiztid are our friends and family. We love Jamie and Paul for real. We have been through hell and high waters with each other like ninjas would never believe. We completely respect their move. No matter how we spell it out, it’s still going to hurt some people. Those are the people I feel bad for. The ninjas whose backs are covered with Twiztid and ICP tattoos centered around a giant Hatchet Man who are upset by this move. I’m sorry they are upset but I’m here to tell you that the bond between ICP and Twiztid will never ever die or soften. The only real way for Twiztid to grow at this point was to leave Psychopathic and start their own company. They’re not leaving the country! They are not leaving the rap game! They are not leaving the family! They are only leaving according to some simple paperwork. That’s it! Besides that, Twiztid is still and will always be right where they have always been. Juggalotus for life!

People don’t know this yet but basically Blaze left Psychopathic with Twiztid. Blaze has always been a part of Twiztid. Twiztid brought Blaze to Psychopathic years ago and he’s always been kind of under their wing. We knew Blaze was going to leave the day Twiztid informed us they were stepping out. Because Twiztid and Blaze are basically as one. We’re not upset with Blaze at all. Those guys all grew up together on the East Side, as close as close can be without being gay. I just wish there was some way to inform the whole world all at once that there really is nothing to be sad about here. If anything, ninjas should actually be happy for Twiztid and Blaze for stepping up, assembling a crew of their own trustworthy homies and fuckin’ going for it on their own. We are happy for them, we are proud of them and mother fucker, we are here for them if they need anything in the world. We understand.

How does it affect Psychopathic with Twiztid and Blaze gone?

Yeah, them leaving along with Boondox all pretty much within the same year has definitely rocked our boat to say the least but we will sail on. People speculating that Psychopathic might be going under should lay off the fuckin’ meth. Seriously. Psychopathic going under? Please. If you believe that the Hatchet will ever go under, then I have a bridge to sell you on Pluto, bitch. We will go under all right; under the streets, bitch! For now we have a smaller roster, yes, but we will never stop beating our drums all night, every night and raising our flag every single day. As long as ICP is here, we are solid as a boulder. And the Wicked Clownz will never die. We appreciate all the years those amazing acts have stayed with us. We have no complaints. We will continue to sell all the incredible albums that they released while they were here at Psychopathic, as they will remain part of The Hatchet’s catalog. As for our future, we will just keep moving ahead doing anything we can to keep on being a fresh ass, unfuckwithable, underground, Juggalo record label. We are gonna do the best we can to keep being the label that dominates the underground tunnels. We obviously can’t ever fill the epically huge, size 1000 shoes of Twiztid, but we can be fresh as fuck in finding brand new, totally different types of acts and groups. We have a couple new tricks up our sleeves already. Once again, let me state, nothing will ever fill the void left by Twiztid and we won’t even try to. Twiztid and Blaze and even Boondox are forever Psychopathic Records Hall of Fame artists and are welcome back any day they wish forever. But for now we will explore the opposite direction and see what’s happening on the other side of the spectrum. As for our future releases, if we miss at first, or even at the second or third try, we will damn sure hit that grand slam somewhere down the road. I guarantee it. We ain’t going anywhere. We are confident in our freshness. We love being the underdogs and we love being doubted. We feed off that shit. We feed off hate. Look how fat I am. That’s because I eat the words of haters and that’s a huge feast for me every damn day. The Hatchet will keep on choppin’.

With Twiztid, Blaze and Boondox gone who is left officially on Psychopathic?

First let me state something that we really want ninjas everywhere to understand about Psychopathic Records. ICP is Psychopathic and Psychopathic is ICP. That will always be the case. Nothing on this earth will ever change that. ICP is Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope. We are on Psychopathic Records and that makes this label INDESTRUCTABLE. Fat or skinny, old school, new school, long hair or fuckin’ bald. Things might change about us but you can always count on Joe and Joey and that running man with the hatchet being here to do what we do for Juggalos. Understand that. It’s been that way since 1991 and it’s gonna be that way until 3091 and beyond. Most of the ninjas we work with throughout our massively long career will unfortunately come and go. Even the all time greats will come and go from our roster because we don’t control them and their lives. We have no control over anything except ICP and the running man that represents us. When ninjas you love leave or depart from working with Psychopathic you can always keep following their awesome careers apart from us but obviously we cannot be responsible for any of the moves or plays they make. We will work with different people, producers and partners as the many years go by and we will continue to do so but the hard truth is that we only have control over our own selves. Joey and I have sworn our lives to each other, the Juggalos and to the Hatchet Fam. As far as who else is signed to Psychopathic Records officially and according to contract, and who leaves, we just cannot control. I’ve always thought once a Juggalo always a Juggalo, because that Juggalo will always live somewhere within your soul, whether on the surface or hidden deep within. Change is the only guarantee about this life. Time and chance will modify ICP but ICP will always be here for you. We are like a gigantic, unmovable boulder in the middle of the city. You can paint us up in different colors over the years. You can stick us with other big rocks. The seasons and the cityscape might change all around us but that one, big, hardcore boulder will always be the same. It’s too huge and heavy and too permanent to ever move. You can make it look different or change the backdrop behind it but the rock itself ain’t ever going to leave. We wish we could sit here and say that things will last forever. We wish we could do Dark Lotus and stuff like that forever and ever and maybe we can. Who knows? We will definitely do our best, too. But we can’t guarantee you anything except ourselves, ICP and the Hatchet Man. That’s the only promise or guarantee that we can make to you ninjas. That Hatchet Man symbol and those two clowns will go hand and hand forever. We will always do our best to continue to do your favorite supergroups and side projects, including brand new ones, and we will continue to sign new acts at the label as the years go by. We will proceed as best we can because that’s what we do.

Here officially still signed to Psychopathic Records (for now) is ICP, of course, Anybody Killa, Cold 187um, Jumpsteady, Legz Diamond, Mike E. Clark, DJ Clay, (a brand new mystery artist whose name and video we will soon release), Vanilla Ice, Zug Izland, Dark Lotus and Psychopathic Rydas. (Twiztid and Blaze informed me this morning that they are still fully down to come together from time to time whenever time permits to record and release Dark Lotus and/or Psychopathic Rydas albums on Psychopathic Records when possible. It’s always been hard to make it work with our schedules but if we can make it work in the future, it’s going down, my friends. So long live Dark Lotus and the Psychopathic Rydas!)

How will Twiztid’s and Blaze’s departure affect the Gathering?

As far as we know it won’t affect the Gathering at all. As far as we know they will be at every Gathering each and every year as always. Like I said they are Family for LIFE and just because they are (presumably) starting their own label doesn’t mean they’re suddenly not coming to perform at the Juggalo family reunion every year! Please, ninjas, try to understand the one thing that will live forever between us all is our Juggalo Family Bond.


QUESTION: Violent J, Growing up with your music, the story of the six joker cards have really touched my spirit. You told that story, trying to spread the word of god or a god. Well my question to you is that on the mighty death pop you actually question where is god, in other words where is the carnival. Usually you speak of “god” with such certainty in your music. Also I noticed that no where on any of the three mighty death pop cases did it say “Dedicated to the butterfly”, the saying you’ve used on every album sense carnival of carnage. So, Have you begun to lose faith?
– 8 Ball

ANSWER: I’ll be honest. Fuck no. We haven’t lost any faith in God. In fact, we have more faith now than ever. We asked “Where’s God?” because as people go through their lives and face hard times, that is a question we all have asked ourselves, no matter who you are or how close to God you are. As for Death Pop not having the “Dedicated to The Butterfly” anywhere on it, we apologize for that. Another thing The Mighty Death Pop is missing is the part written by Jumpsteady that explains how and where The Mighty Death Pop fits into the Dark Carnival mythology. He writes one for every Joker’s card and that too was mistakenly left out. Those are honest mistakes. It was a crucial time. We were puttin’ so much work into all the artwork that came with the four different releases of The Mighty Death Pop that honestly some of the simplest stuff was forgotten. It was crunch time. We fired the guy that was working on most of the stuff because he was moving too slow so we switched art guys at the last second and the deadline was fast approaching and it was total chaos. We’ve always made mistakes here at Psychopathic. Typos and shit. We’re scrubs, man, we make mistakes sometimes. Don’t read too much into them, especially when questioning the very fabric of ICP and The Dark Carnival. Just so you know, it is official; The Mighty Death Pop albums, all three versions are all dedicated to the Butterfly and you can finally read Jumpsteady’s explanation of The Mighty Death Pop by clicking HERE.

QUESTION: When is ICP going to make some wicked shit? I remember you saying you guys were taking all the public insults from Miracles and using that anger to make the new record. The Mighty Death Pop is awesome but not wicked. The last wicked thing from ICP was Hells Pit. I love everything you guys do but where is the wicked ass shit?
- Adam P.

ANSWER: Hell’s Pit was especially wicked because it was about HELL’S PIT. If you honestly don’t hear the wickedness in Death Pop in such songs as “Bazooka Joey,” “Night of the Chainsaw,” “Chris Benoit,” “The Blasta,” “Dog Catchers,” “Shooting Stars,” and more shit on Death Pop, then maybe it’s just that you’ve gotten so used to the Wicked Shit that it doesn’t shock you anymore. Seriously. Maybe it’s just that you’re so conditioned to it after all these years that it’s hardened you up. Maybe it sounds normal to you now. It’s like the Rodney King beating video. After seeing it 10,000 times, it’s not as shocking anymore. But I’m sure if any pop music fan compares The Mighty Death Pop to anything else in pop music today, Death Pop will stand out as extremely wicked.

QUESTION: Is there a possibility of another Jokers Card concert? (I.E. Great Milenko, Amazing Jeckel Brothers, The Wraith)
– Chris S.

ANSWER: Absolutely. We’re gonna do cool shit like that for the rest of our career. These shows won’t always be in Detroit either. We will look on Sound Scan and see where the album sold the most and do that concert in that city. The Riddle Box Show was so dope, of course we’re gonna do more!

QUESTION: Bang! Pow! Boom! is an awesome album. We all know about “Miracles” but what was the inspiration behind “Vera Lee”? There wasn’t a single cuss word or murder reference in that track. Props yo!
– Akasonno

ANSWER: Thanks, ninja. Yeah, we don’t set out to cuss or murder somebody on every song we make. If it calls for it, then we will add it. “Vera Lee” comes from the memories I had as a little kid. That’s where most of our music comes from. I went to school with a girl very much like Vera Lee when I was young.

QUESTION: Hey, J. I’ve just been wondering lately, what inspired you to make the second set of joker’s cards. when did you come up with the idea for those?
– Alex

ANSWER: That’s all we truly know how to do and the messages keep coming to us as strong as ever, so why stop? After the first set of six, we made The Tempest album, which wasn’t a Joker’s Card or part of any series. We felt lost, like we’d fallen off the track during that time, so after that we decided to face criticism and continue telling the stories of the Dark Carnival. To us, it feels like it was the best choice we’ve ever made. It’s what we were truly put here on this dirty mud ball to do.

QUESTION: Do you already know the names of the new six joker cards, and what they look like/what they do for the Dark Carnival?
– Christian C.

ANSWER: No. I wait for each one to come to me just like it’s always been.

QUESTION: Are there going to be any EP’s in between the new jokers cars like in the 1st set?
– Abdy Z.

ANSWER: I really can’t say right now. I’m sure there will be but then again, maybe not. I can’t really provide an answer for this question because I just don’t know. I’m sure there will be another EP but I can’t say for sure that there will be one between every Joker’s Card.

QUESTION: What up j!!! my question for you is will moon glorious ever grace the juggalos and juggalettes with his presence again? i would sure love to see that gumpy fuck!!
- annie 2 dope

ANSWER: The truth to that question is yes. In fact, there will probably be lots and lots more of Moon. In fact, we have something really big in the works and you can expect to see Moon, Florida Joe and many, many new ninjas as well. I wish we could reveal our big news but we can’t say a word about it just yet. But to answer your question… YES. And why’s he gotta be gumpy?

QUESTION: Where does your musical inspiration come from to write the fresh music that you create??
– Anthony P.

ANSWER: Thank you for saying our music is fresh. The inspiration comes from The Dark Carnival. I know you probably wanted more to that answer but I gotta be honest. That’s completely it.

QUESTION: Why do you think it is necessary to be mainstream? I still have mad love for you and shaggy both, but I gotta say it hurts too watch you on fuse and shit. From a down ass ninjette, whoop whoop!
– Sideshow Devon

ANSWER: How the fuck are we mainstream? Fuse ain’t even a mainstream station. I have a question for you. What has ICP changed about ourselves that makes us mainstream? Nothing. We are the same ICP as we’ve always been. Do you see us at The Grammys? Or any award shows? Does MTV play our videos? Does any fuckin’ body play our videos? Does any of our music get spun on the radio? How the fuck are we mainstream? Because the Fuse Network shows us some love? Shit I think it’s awesome they show us love because they let us be us! We don’t change or soften our shit for them. They take us as we are. Props to them for being open minded enough to fuck with a group like us, where the rest of the world is far too pussy to ever fuck with the Wicked Clowns.

QUESTION: Whud Up J! What happened to the Jokers Card box set you talked about at the GOTJ? Was really pumped to get that under my tree this Xmas and it wasn’t to be, what the fuck gives!?
– Arthur G.

ANSWER: Yeah, that sucks we couldn’t get that out in time. The Riddle Box album was released by Jive Records and The Great Milenko and The Amazing Jeckel Brothers were both released on Island Def Jam. That means those companies own the rights to that music. So it’s been kind of hard to get everybody to cooperate and work together on putting out a box set. We honestly didn’t think it would be this much trouble.

QUESTION: What can you tell us on the process of the new Vanilla Ice record and do you know at this time if there will be any fam collabs? Will Ice be more involved in Psyphers and might he become a Ryda?
– GasMask Man

ANSWER: That ninja is very busy all around the world. The only thing we can tell you for sure is that Vanilla Ice is our boy and he is definitely signed with Psychopathic Records. As soon as he’s ready to come home and work on some new music, we will be right here ready to rock. His new album is set to be produced by ICP and Mike E Clark and we can’t fuckin’ wait. He is all over the world though. He’s doing TV shows in other countries and all kinds of shit. His situation is way different than ours or any of our other artists and that’s why you haven’t seen him in the Psyphers and shit but every time we do one we try and work it out with him to be here and we damn sure will in the future. Just try to understand he’s got a lot on his plate. Don’t lose faith, he’s a Juggalo through and throughout. And when that new album drops, it’s droppin’ hard on Psychopathic Records with The Hatchet Fam all over it.

QUESTION: What is playing in that short skit after Piggy Pie song when u’re talking with a guy on suicide hotline who wanna shoot himself and u say HOOOOOOOOOOOOLD OOOOOOOOOOON! And then some evil punk rock is playing :D I would really like to know who is that or was that made by you?
– BoNZo

ANSWER: That music was made by us trying to be funny and shit. Haha! We should do an album of that.

QUESTION: i been wondering this since hells pit dropped and wanted to get the reason strait from you rather then speculate with the speculators but yo why aint you all ever touch faygo when you do a hells pit joint on stage? like i said there is speculation out there ..but i never heard or read a statement from you all why that is?
– Ries

ANSWER: I don’t know what you’re talking about here. Purely coincidence, I guess. I’m sure we throw Faygo during Hell’s Pit songs. If we haven’t, then it must just be a strange coincidence then, I guess. Maybe it’s because the Faygo would put out all the flames of hell!

QUESTION: Ok, my question is this; can we expect the sequal to your #1 best selling autobiography anytime soon? I read Behind the Paint ten times the first week it was out!
– Chris R.

ANSWER: Bestselling? Yes! Hahaha! It’s not even available in any book stores but thank you. And yes! There will be another book coming out, you can count on that freshness happening one thousand percent! And the new book, I promise you, will reveal huge things about ICP that even the most die hardest ninjas never had a clue about. It’s gonna sincerely school the shit out of everybody who reads it. People think they know everything about us, but nobody really knows what all goes on behind the padded walls of Psychopathic Records and the trials and tribulations we face everyday. This book will shock even the most knowledgeable ninjas.

QUESTION: After Jeckel Brothers you guys got away more and more as the years went on from rapping and story telling from your “Wicked Clown” perspective and started going more towards rapping as the people “shaggy” and “J”. Was this a conscious decison? Did you want to pull away from ninjas relating to serial killers and have juggalos relate to you more as “people” ??
– Penguin Tits

ANSWER: Very, very good observation, Penguin Tits. No, we didn’t do anything on purpose. I think that just kind of gradually happened and we were unaware of it. But you’re right. It did go down kind of like that, I can’t deny it. But something else also happened though. We also started rapping in the personas of different killers and different characters in general, not just as J and Shaggy. For example, “Night of the Chainsaw” takes us into the mind of a madman killing any and everybody with a chainsaw. I guess we kind of trailed away from always being the Wicked Clowns every time to being several different characters in general. But now that you mentioned it, I think I’m going to concentrate on taking us back into the minds of the Wicked Clowns. We still do make songs as the Wicked Clowns but just not as often. We will work on that. I hope you like the new stuff too because even if we stray away from something we once did more of, we still work just as hard in being creative and being as good of story tellers and we never consider our shit sloppy.

QUESTIONS: In Behind the Paint you said that if you ever had kids that you would have a hard time making them go to school because of your experiences at school. Now that you have kids, has your opinion changed at all?
– Chris L.

ANSWER: My opinion hasn’t changed but thankfully their mom is a great mom about that. She helps them and she’s even part of the school committee and all that. She volunteers for this and that. I let the kids stay home probably more than I should. For example, if we are shooting a video that day or something cool like that is going on, I like to let them skip school so they can run around the set on location and all that cool stuff. But Michelle is so good at being a responsible mother that the kids are doing great in school. I have a hard time taking school serious, yes, but she’s so good about it that it levels out. JJ is kickin’ major ass and getting great grades in the 2nd grade. I failed the 2nd grade and had to do the grade twice. So right there is proof that they are doing better than I ever did. School was very hard for me and I worry about my kids far too much. One time JJ didn’t want to ride the bus to school any more because an older kid was picking on him. That really freaked me out. I went to pick him up from school and had him point the kid out to me. The kid was a 5th grade safety guard. So the next morning I walked up to the kid and asked him if he knew who my son JJ Bruce was and he said “Yeah.” I said, “Do you call him names on the bus?” He said “No.” I said “Yes you do and guess what? It’s gonna stop now. Do you understand me? Now.” I mean mugged him hard. He said he understood. The next two mornings and after school I picked JJ up, I made it a point to go stand near that kid so he could see me staring and mean muggin’ him. I wanted to scare the kid. I thought maybe he will tell his dad and I could kick his dad’s ass. But the point is, I think I was taking it too far. The kid stopped calling JJ names on the bus and everything but JJ is gonna have to take care of his own battles. He knows that now but I just wanted to help him out that first time. I know I was probably a weirdo for going to his school to punk out a 5th grader but I couldn’t control myself. I wanted to slap that kid’s hat off.

QUESTION: Will there or could there ever be a possibility of a Wizard of the Hood film, video or tour? Ive been down with the hatchet for alot of years and ive followed it all, i think Wizard of the Hood was super fuckin fresh, itd be nice to see like a short film or video or possibly a full blown stage tour! Thanks for takin the time to read this homies. Shout outs to the Quad City juggalo fam!
– Cory

ANSWER: I know you will probably hate or not understand this answer but I believe what makes Wizard of The Hood so dope is how it plays out in your mind when you hear it. I think if we made one long video for it that it just wouldn’t be as cool as it shows in your mind. If we do anything, it will be a concert type stage play to it. That could be cool, with the set behind us changing to match the song. That will probably happen one day. Don’t worry, we still got the rest of our lives. Just because that record is older now don’t mean it won’t still happen. I like to think Juggalos don’t care about time. It’s like at the Gathering. A lot of the acts we have playing are considered old school or whatever, but to Juggalos we don’t give a fuck if something is outdated or played out to society. We don’t pay attention to what’s currently hittin’ in society. I like to think we have our own charts and they are timeless.

QUESTION: Hey J what can we expect with this Mighty Death Pop tour? Will there be a new stage set and an all new set as well as some really old classics from like the Ringmaster era?
– Damian H.

ANSWER: There’s going to be a whole new stage show. I mean, there is only so much we can do to make it different. I hope people don’t expect too much to be different because we’re still gonna have clowns and Faygo and confetti and all that. But yes, there will be a whole new stage set and a whole new show planned. I can’t wait. Right now, I have a torn meniscus in my left knee and that is holding us back. I have to have surgery on it but thankfully it’s a simple surgery so it won’t keep me down too long. I’m fuckin’ so, so looking forward to doing The Mighty Death Pop Tour. Think about it, that album has been out for months now and we haven’t even toured on it yet. It’s coming!

QUESTION: My question is, If you couldn’t be the who you are today; 1/2 of the most hated band in the world, proprietor of Psychopathic Records, who in my opinion, produce and inspire some of the most thoughtful and creative art that many are too timid to attempt on their own, and inspiration to millions of scrubs who thought that they couldn’t be proud of who they are; what would you want to do with your life that would have the same impact on the world and people that you do now. I ask because it’s truly unique in the way that you, Shaggs and the rest of the Psychopathic family chose to share your messages and deliver it with such power and still make something beautiful in the process. I wonder if there’s another way that those of us who are not as creative could have the same impact? They say that art delivers a message and has meaning. Is there another way that you could bring the same message without the art?
– Dan D.

ANSWER: Dang, Dan, I just don’t know. I always figured that if I wasn’t rapping, I would be a wrestler. God has a cool way of working things out. You have to understand something. None of this was in the plans. We never knew the music would bring so many scrubs together in such an awesome way. It just happened. The magic took over. The power is in positive thinking. I know that for some of us that’s just not that easy. Some of us are born with depression and it’s hard to think positive all the time but if you can do it, if you can force your brain to think positive, you can do whatever you want, man. Gosh I wish you could understand how powerful and creative you really are, ninja. If you want to, you can. If you can recognize it in us, then it’s in you too. Have you ever heard the term, ‘Game recognize game?’ That means if you can see the art in my art, that’s because the art is in you too. Where there is a will there is a way, my brother.

QUESTION: Will Legs Diamond be going out on tour when his album drops?
– Josh

ANSWER: Thank you for asking about Legz Diamond because he fuckin’ deserves it. Yes he will be out on tour. You talk about paying dues, that ninja has sat in the back ground helping make ICP what we are for all those years and he’s never once pulled us aside and said “Hey, what about me?” Well now it’s rightfully his turn. His shit don’t sound like ICP at all. He sings, he doesn’t rap. I just hope there’s enough open minded ninjas out there who are down with something different. I’m talking different among the different! It’s his turn to shine and when we made that album, we made the best Legz Diamond album for Legz Diamond. We didn’t try to make him something he’s not. He’s fresh as hell just like he is.

QUESTION: I know its a stupid question but do you think that its ok for a 14 year old to be a juggalette ?
– Emma H

ANSWER: Why the fuck not? Listen, this is what I think. I think you have your whole life ahead of you. If you’re a Juggalette now, that’s awesome. But if one day you get to college and start hangin’ with a new group of friends and you start to like other kinds of music, just don’t be one of those bitches that’s like, “Can you believe I used to be a Juggalette? I was so young and stupid, I guess.” Never talk that shit about us. Never sell us out because the you at 14 is just as important to your legacy as the you at 34. Yes, it’s OK to be a 14 year old Juggalette. It’s even OK if you grow out of being a Juggalette one day, but do us a favor. Never sell us out. Always remember the good times you had as a Juggalette and cherish them. Don’t look back on them with regret, look back on these days as great days. Never bad mouth the family. Better yet, stay down with the family forever!

QUESTION: WHOOP WHOOP! Ok my question is this. Why are there no younger artist being signed to Psychopathic or Hatchet House?
– EmZee S.

ANSWER: That’s a fuckin’ spectacular question! We’re trying, I’m telling you that right now. We’re looking everyday! We will be signing someone soon, that is my word. If you only knew how hard we are looking. We don’t want to sign somebody that’s not gonna want to be here in five years! We want to make sure that this person or group understands that being a Juggalo artist on Psychopathic means it’s pretty much for life. Because even being down with us for a couple years could mean lots of things. It could mean you’re a gang member according to the FBI, it could mean you will never have radio or MTV video play. Being a Juggalo has to really be in your heart and soul to sign with us, because you are forever branded a Juggalo thing after you’ve been here. So far it’s been like that anyway. So we are looking for somebody who understands that and who’s only goal is to be a Juggalo artist for life!

QUESTION: Would you or do you ever get tired of making music and does it depress you on everything that is happening with the juggalo family?
– Erik

ANSWER: Will we ever get tired of making music? Never. It’s like the best fuckin’ drug on the planet. I feel like Superman behind those songs. I get to be anybody and do anything I want in my music! What could possibly be depressing about the Juggalo family? If you’re talking about the homies leaving the label, yes and no. Yes, it’s depressing that nothing stays the same forever but seriously, SERIOUSLY, Twiztid and Blaze and Boondox are all still here making music for you to enjoy. They are our homies for life. What’s depressing? They are situating themselves to do better for themselves and be in charge of their own careers. They are Juggalo family forever. It’s a business move and nothing more. If they are happier then we are happier and that, my ninjas, is the bottom line.

QUESTION: Did you ever think back in the day when u made COC that you would be well on your way to creating the Juggalo family we have today?
– Heather N.

ANSWER: We never in a million years could have imagined things would be the way they are. Nobody saw this coming. I’m grateful each and every single day and I will continue to work as hard as possible to give back to the ninjas that support us and have supported us for so long. All I want to do is keep keepin’ on forever and see where it all goes. I hate letting anybody down. I want to do as good as I can for ninjas and give them everything they expect from us. I just can’t believe how amazing Juggalos have been to us. I just want to give back. Me and Shaggy send each other 10 page texts about how fortunate we are. We talk to each other when painting up about how amazingly lucky we are. On the way to shows, we constantly remind each other of how fortunate we are to be doing this. He is my best friend and neither one of us has ever gotten used to any of this, not even for a second. It’s just so fuckin’ overwhelming that sometimes I can’t sleep unless I down a bottle of Nyquil. Every year that goes by, it never gets common. It’s always like it just happened. Like we just woke up to this each and every day. We are so grateful to be living this fuckin’ dream and most importantly is that we have to supply the demand. We have to do our absolute best to stay up on our toes and deliver the fuckin’ goods for these ninjas who believe in us. That’s why we work as hard or even harder today on what we do. We never ever get used to any of this because we know it could vanish at any second and we work around the clock to make Juggalos happy with our shit. You can never make everybody happy all of the time but we live to do our best trying. It’s our obsession and passion.

QUESTON: Looking back at your previous albums, is there anything you would have done different? Song-wise, business-wise. Anything. Or are there no regrets? Thank you so much. Much clown love to you guys and your families. Whoop Whoop!
– Hilary

ANSWER: Thank you, ninja, and clown love to you and yours as well. This question is crazy because we listen to each album and make every change we think it needs up until its release. Then the two months after we’ve handed it in and before it comes out, we play it constantly, and for the most part we are satisfied and happy with our work. But as soon as it officially drops, like the day it comes out, we start to think about what we should have done differently. It’s the same thing every time. We never hear our mistakes until it’s too late. It’s crazy because you can’t hear the mistakes you’ve made until the album officially drops. Then listening becomes harder to do because you hear all the stuff you wish you would have done differently. You wonder why you didn’t hear that stuff before when you could have fixed it. Sometimes it’s painful to listen to albums that are out because you hear all kinds of stuff you wish you would have done differently but there’s nothing you can do about it now.

QUESTION: Hows being a father changed you?
– Lynx

ANSWER: It taught me the meaning of life. The meaning of life is to keep it going. On and on. It’s not about you, it’s about your children. Having kids for me pretty much answered every question about life I ever had. It taught me that it’s not about me anymore.

QUESTION: What do you feel is the biggest misconception about you guys as a group?
– Juggalo Younq Knightmare

ANSWER: I think the world, not the Juggalo world, but the whole world’s biggest misconception of us is that we suck. If our music was so bad, how would we still be around doing this well? Mike E. Clark’s music is amazing, The Dark Carnival is fascinating. That’s what I honestly believe.

QUESTION: what happened to Violent J’s voice? It seems very strained and worn out. I known he’s gotten older and what not but compare his voice in MDP to BPB. It changed a lot. Also, how long are you and shaggs gonna be rapping? By the time this deck of cards is finished y’all be like 55 years old. I bet y’all could do it though.
– Chuklz

ANSWER: I think my voice has changed over the years from 20 plus years of screaming my guts out on stage. It has become very strained and worn out. Not quite Michael Jackson’s. I’ve smoked very little weed in the last five years and I’ve never smoked cigarettes. I don’t drink. So it is what it is, my friend. I’m sorry I don’t sound like I did when I was 19. I myself don’t mind my voice. I like how it sounds on Death Pop and on Bang! Pow! Boom! It doesn’t sound like Riddle Box anymore but thankfully our goal isn’t to sound like Riddle Box. We want to create new classics that sound like their own eras. As for getting older? I don’t know what we can do about that except look forward to it. Look, when you’re young it’s easy to point the finger at old people and laugh. But we’re all headed that way unless you really fuck up and die.

I’m happy to be alive and still rapping. Me and my brother Shaggy have every intention of doing this shit Rolling Stones style. We plan on doing this way past 55, ninja. If that bothers you and you think we should retire, I have a set of nuts you can feast off. We will be doing this shit until the mother fuckin’ wheels fall off the wagon… and they are some seriously good all terrain, all weather, Goodrich wheels, bitch. Ice T is about 55 and he rocked the fuck outta the Gathering. George Clinton is in his 70s and he too killed it at the fuckin’ Gathering. Who gives a fuck about age? The older the Wicked Clowns get, the better and more exciting we will become. Mark my words. We love being the most hated. We live to be doubted, it fuels us. We’re scrubs under this paint and don’t ever forget it.

QUESTION: Hey Big Homie, my question for you is, could you tell the juggalos how you feel about them calling each other “fake juggalo” or “real juggalo”?
– Jacob E.

ANSWER: In my opinion, if somebody considers themselves a Juggalo and they are for real about it then that, my friend, is a for real ass Juggalo. And I hate hearing the old school Juggalos dissing the new school Juggalos and this and that. Juggalos need to stick together. It’s hard enough out here being a Juggalo, period. We don’t need to be fighting in the house too!