We put out this call before and now it’s time for an update! There is a wall in the Psychopathic Records video department called The Karma Wall and its where we post up drawings, pictures, stickers, ANYTHING sent into us by Juggalos and Juggalettes that can inspire us and bring us good karma. You can peep just a small sample of it above. Anyway, we’re expanding The Karma Wall into The Karma Room and we need YOUR HELP!

Want to help? It’s easy! Send us pictures of you and your homies! Or drawings! Anything you want that can be attached to the wall! We want it! Just send it to:

Psychopathic Records Karma Wall
P.O. Box 620
Farmington, MI 48332

We’ll keep takin’ pictures of this work in progress and postin’ ‘em here, too! GET TO SENDIN’, ‘LOS AND ‘LETTES!