JUST CONFIRMED! Opening acts for The Great Milenko Show on Juggalo Day (February 17)

Whaddup, ninjas? This is J-Webb with a quick burst of info. A lot of you have been buzzing about who the opening acts are for the utterly sold-the-fuck-out Great Milenko Show. This year’s lineup is a proverbial who’s-who of the best underground artists out there! First up is the good ol’ Texan serial killin’ boy Claas, who was prominently featured on the Hatchet House cult classic compilation Tunnel Runners. Also, we are proud to have Detroit’s own Downtown Brown adding their comedic brand of Motor City rock-n-roll to the mix. As you may recall, Downtown Brown were featured on the Red Pop version of “The Mighty Death Pop!” doing a fucking devastatingly hilarious cover of “Hold Still” from the kid’s show “Yo Gabba Gabba!” Finally…we are honored to have Psychopathic’s own witchdoctor of the Wicked Shit himself…Big Hoodoo. Bitch, get scared! ‘Cause it’s all going down on February 17th at the Newport in Columbus!