With Halloween just around the corner now is the time to scare the piss out of your Homies with some spooky fuckin’ stories. Need a hand with that? Jumpsteady has got you mutha fuckin’ covered!

Today marks the release of Jumpsteady’s first audiobook album entitled “The Road” from the man himself. It features Jumpsteady telling five chilling and 100% real stories from his past including the infamous tale of “The Road” that is well known by anyone who has ever read Violent J’s Behind The Paint.

This isn’t your normal album. This isn’t Jumpsteady rhymin’ and rappin’ or anything like that, this is nothing you’ve ever heard before! This is Jumpsteady stripped down to the bone tellin’ Juggalos and Juggalettes about his real life experiences that are sure to chill your spine.

Anyone who has listened to Jumpsteady’s albums or has had the honor of meeting him knows that he is the master of storytelling and “The Road” will put those skills on full display for all to hear.

Even better is that this album is a HatchetGear exclusive and will only run you $6.98! That ain’t much to drop on something sure to be a collector’s dream that will bring a little Psychopathic creeptastic thrill to your Halloween season.

Check out hatchetgear.com now to order your copy of Jumpsteady’s audiobook “The Road”!