Everyone is talking about it! Have YOU Seen The Mighty Death Pop Infomercial!?

The Mighty Death Pop infomercial that lays out all of the details of the Insane Clown Posse’s upcoming release, which is set to drop on 08.14.12, has been making waves across the internet! We can’t believe how many people are pickin’ up the story and runnin’ with it! There have been articles talking about the upcoming release from fuse.tv, loudwire.com, gunshyassassin.com, vice.com, noisecreep.com, iconvsicon.com, and TONS MORE (check the random flavor in the right hand column for the full list). It’s fine and dandy if they’re goin’ off about it, but the only opinions that matter are from YOU, the Juggalos and the Juggalettes!!

Have you peeped the video yet? If not CLICK HERE to watch it on youtube! Even easier? JUST PEEP THE VIDEO BELOW! And make sure you hit up youtube and leave some comments telling us what YOU THINK.