Every Month at Hatchet Gear …. It’s Pure Sales Mayhem!

Juggalos, a lot of you have sent us messages wondering why we don’t put any dope ass Hatchet Gear on sale more than just a few times a year. That’s why we’re bringing back our special Sale section … and there’s going to be new flavor on sale EVERY MONTH!

The Monthly Mayhem Sale features an ever-changing assortment of some of our dopest merch — and it’s gonna be totally different each month. Every 30 days you can expect to find a new collection of items offered at a special limited time sales price. Most of this merch is MAD RARE and hasn’t been on Hatchet Gear for a long time…or sometimes not at all. Example: Take the fresh, old school Twiztid Mostasteless shirt that is currently on sale. We haven’t had those on Hatchet Gear in AT LEAST a year!

So starting now, check Hatchet Gear at least once a month to see what incredible savings we’re offering for a limited time. Whoop Whoop!