Deep In The Mighty Death Pop Era!


The Era of The Mighty Death Pop rolls the fuck on, y’all! And it’s shapin’ up to be made of pure, unadulterated devastation! The three versions of The Mighty Death Pop, four albums in all, have been goin’ strong and makin’ their way into the wicked fuckin’ hearts of all the ‘Los and ‘Lettes worldwide! From the straight street bangers, head bobbers, and jaw jackers these albums have got it all!

If you haven’t gotten in on the action yet? Come the fuck ooooon, man! This is the time to get primed and prepped to hear these dope new tracks dropped during the set of the Insane Clown Posse’s 2012 Hallowicked Tour and the Hallowicked show in Royal Oak, MI! You know it’s goin’ to happen! Sure, you can listen in on your homie’s albums, but it doesn’t quiet feel the same as grippin’ your own copies in your sweaty lil’ palms!

All three versions of The Mighty Death Pop can be purchased on or wherever albums are sold! If you’re part of that digital sensation shit goin’ on you can grip your copies straight from iTunes for your iPod, iPad, iPhone, iShuffle, iNano, iDon’t even know what the fuck else they have goin’ on. But I know you can get Red! Black! White! Or the boxset!

The Mighty Death Pop is takin’ over the planet! All we need is YOU!