After all the high strung anticipation and the heart racing palpitations we’ve got ABK’s Medicine Bag to fix you right the fuck up! The brand new album from ABK was released nationwide today, but it’s already leaving a deep footprint on the Earth and showing everyone in the world that The Hatchet Warrior can’t be touched or tussled with!

Just keep in mind when you head out to your local music store or hit up hatchetgear.com that there are THREE versions of this album for you to collect! Red, Blue, and Green! Each album comes with TWO never before heard bonus tracks, different for each version! And as if that wasn’t enough incentive for you to lay your claim on all three albums, the three different booklets can be combined to create an exclusive, never before seen Medicine Bag poster! Don’t even trying to fucking delay, Homie! Get your ass out to the store or on hatchetgear.com and pick up your copy of ABK’s Medicine Bag now!

We leave you with ne final piece of fuckin’ ferocious flavor, ‘Los and ‘Lettes! Get your first taste of ABK’s album right now by downloading the single to the CD, “Last Chance“! Just right click below, hit “Save Link As…”, and enjoy this gift straight from ABK to you! It’s just enough to hold you over until Medicine Bag is yours!