Every Month at Hatchet Gear …. It’s Pure Sales Mayhem!

Juggalos, a lot of you have sent us messages wondering why we don’t put any dope ass Hatchet Gear on sale more than just a few times a year. That’s why we’re bringing back our special Sale section … and there’s going to be new flavor on sale EVERY MONTH!

The Monthly Mayhem Sale features an ever-changing assortment of some of our dopest merch — and it’s gonna be totally different each month. Every 30 days you can expect to find a new collection of items offered at a special limited time sales price. Most of this merch is MAD RARE and hasn’t been on Hatchet Gear for a long time…or sometimes not at all. Example: Take the fresh, old school Twiztid Mostasteless shirt that is currently on sale. We haven’t had those on Hatchet Gear in AT LEAST a year!

So starting now, check Hatchet Gear at least once a month to see what incredible savings we’re offering for a limited time. Whoop Whoop!


Limited edition Aaron Spencer Benefit shirt now on sale at Hatchet Gear!

The Aaron Spencer Benefit Show on Saturday, March 15, 2014 will go down in Psychopathic history as one of the most special one-off concerts ICP has ever performed. Even though this intimate concert in Dayton is now sold out, you can still help honor the memory and help the family of the late Aaron Spencer…and own what is certain to be one of the RAREST T-shirts ever produced by Psychopathic.

This Hatchet Gear exclusive shirt commemorates the life of Aaron Spencer AND ALL PROCEEDS GO TOWARDS HELPING AARON’S FAMILY WITH MEDICAL AND FUNERAL COSTS. These shirts are only available while supplies last and once they’re gone….they’re gone! So help remember our fallen Juggalo comrade Aaron Spencer…and own a rare piece of merch that’s certain to become a collector’s item! GET ‘EM WHILE THEY LAST, NINJAS!

Order from Hatchet Gear here.

Tickets for the 15th Annual Gathering of the Juggalos ARE NOW ON SALE!

They tried to stop us…and THEY FAILED! Tickets for the 15th Annual Gathering of the Juggalos are now on sale at www.juggalogathering.com. We’ve got a DOPE ASS new location called Legend Valley, located in Thornville, Ohio (just outside of Columbus). So get to www.juggalogathering.com and get your tickets and passes NOW!

Help the family of a fallen Juggalo by owning the official Aaron Spencer Memorial T-shirt!

Juggalos, by now you’ve heard about the Aaron Spencer Benefit Show that ICP is throwing in Dayton, Ohio on March 15. All proceeds from this special one-off concert go to the family of the late, great Aaron Spencer, who recently entered Shangri-la after a long illness. All funds raised will help pay off Aaron’s medical and funeral expenses. At the concert, there will be a special commerative T-shirt honoring Aaron’s memory. The back of the shirt reads “I Was There Because I Care” and will ONLY be available at the show. This is certain to become of the rarest and most collectable shirts ever put out by Psychopathic because it’s going to be sold for one night only!

But the Juggalo Family has some of the biggest hearts imaginable and many of you have called and written, asking how you can help the Spencer family, even if you can’t attend the show in Dayton. Well, you will have your chance by purchasing an exclusive Aaron Spencer Memorial shirt on Hatchet Gear, made espcially for those ninjas who will be at the show in spirit. The back of this shirt reads “My Heart Was There Because I Care” and will go on sale at Hatchet Gear on March 15, the same date as the Aaron Spencer Show. The shirt will be only be available for one month…or while supplies last.

So circle March 15 on your calendar (or enter it on your ‘Reminders’ app on your smartphone) and get ready to purchase a devastating shirt for an even more devastating cause!

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