Psychopathic Radio is always tryin’ to put in time and effort on being the top spot for free live streaming entertainment for those runnin’ beneath the streets and it’s that time again for an overhaul! as you know it right now has just finished out their final week! Now they are going on hiatus from broadcasting, but we can assure you that they won’t just be sittin’ around twiddlin’ their thumbs.

The hosts, staff, and interns of Psychopathic Radio will be hard at work revamping the studio and format while they take their dopeness levels and crank them up to eleven! This isn’t just a coat of new paint! We’re talking about a completely brand new studio that will be a lot bigger to offer even more room for our hosts to go fuckin’ nuts!

Speaking of hosts! Get ready to see some new faces around the studio who will be givin’ you a whole new format of! While we can’t give you too many details and we can’t give you an exact date for Psychopathic Radio to return, we can tell you that it’s going to be fuckin’ amazing and well worth the wait!

For more details as they come and an official relaunch date keep your eyes on Psychopathic Radio! The only radio station that matters!