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The First Six box set … HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS!

BoxSetTheFirstSixNo more delays, bones, or fuck ups – the First Six box will be released on Tuesday, November 25…EXCLUSIVELY at Hatchet Gear and select Down With the Clown stores across the nation.

Sorry this has taken so long, Juggalos, but you can’t imagine how much red tape and bureaucratic bullshit you have to jump through to put together a box set like this, especially when you’re an underground, independent company like us and you have to negotiate with big ass corporate record companies to get permission to use your own CDs! We won’t mention names…but you know who they are.

But fuck that staleness! The point is, The First Six is currently being manufactured as I write this and it will be assembled and ready to ship out on Tuesday, November 25.

This set retails for $89.99 and includes the following flavor:

  • The entire first deck of Joker’s Cards, from “Carnival of Carnage” to “The Wraith: Hell’s Pit” all on CD!
  • A brand new EP from Insane Clown Posse called “House of Wax,” which is ONLY available in this collection! No iTunes! No Spotify! This is ONLY PLACE YOU’LL BE ABLE TO GET A PHYSICAL COPY OF THIS NEW FLAVOR!
  • A certificate of authenticity personally signed by both Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope!
  • The official deck of Dark Carnival Joker’s Cards, sleeved in a dope black envelope.
  • A devastating full color 20-page book covering the entire history of the First Six, featuring never-before-seen photographs and written entirely by Violent J!

Also, this box set will ONLY be available via Hatchet Gear and some of our elite Down With the Clown independent stores across the nation. So pre-order yours now!

Hallowicked After Party Tickets On Sale Now!

After the 20th anniversary Hallowicked show at the Fillmore, the mayhem continues at the Shelter in Downtown Detroit! For only $10 (present your Hallowicked ticket stub at the door and get a discount!), see full performances from ABK, AMB and Boondox! Happy motherfuckin' Hallowicked, Juggalos! It's going dooooown!

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