Cold 187, the Psychopathic Assassin

There was some BIG SHIT that went down last night during JCW’s Up In Smoke main event between Corporal Robinson VS Richie Boy Bryer Wellington! This is some ground breaking shit that rocked the entire Juggalo Wrestling world and we want to make sure everyone is able to peep it! So, if you missed out last night and want to get into the loop, watch the video below! We don’t want to spoil anything for anyone, but we’re tellin’ you… YOU NEED TO WITNESS THIS FOR YOURSELF!

Sugar Slam’s Super Live Toy Drive has been gettin’ a whole lot of attention since its kick off! Not only because it’s Psychopathic Records doin’ the damn thang for kids all over the country, but as per usual, people are gettin’ a kick out of the infomercial we put out layin’ down the details. Well, on Saturday, December 18th, 2010, DJ Supersoak and Lil’ Blaster of SNL were at it once again, and this time they were talkin’ about their very own Crunkmas Karnival from Under-Underground Records! Complete with a charity for the children!

Check out SNL’s parody:

It’s a fuckin’ hat trick, Juggalos! This marks the third time that Saturday Night Live has gathered some inspiration from the wicked clowns and what we do here at Psychopathic Records.

As always, much love to Saturday Night Live and their entire crew.

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