Check out the third single from ICP’s Homie BIG HOODOO straight outta the Psychopathic Records Video Department! The track is called “Darkside” and it’ taken off his debut album, Crystal Skull! Peep the music video and click here to order your copy of the album!

Anyone with knowledge of The Hatchet knows that they take a lot of pride in the Psychopathic Records Video Department. Although their artists don’t have their music videos played on television (does anyone these days?) they have always made it a point to put out lots of music videos on the internet so ‘Los and ‘Lettes can have some visuals to go along with the badassery that is the Psychopathic music catalog.

It was back in 2007 that Psychopathic Records released Psychopathic: The Videos, a complete collection touted as “Every Psychopathic Video you’ve ever seen plus one you’ve NEVER seen!” The DVD was loved on by the entire fam because it was the only way to have every Psychopathic video in hand to watch at your leisure whenever the mood struck.

Well, fast forward to 2013 and the Psychopathic Video Department has banked up a lot of music videos on, the official youtube of The Hatchet. Now seems like a damn good time to once again compile them into one place so they are easy as fuck to watch and enjoy.

That brings up to Psychopathic: The Videos Part 2! This is a complete source of every music video to date for Psychopathic Records that wasn’t on the first installment and that includes a few never before seen numbers that were tucked away into a the video vault for one reason or another without being shared with the fam… UNTIL NOW!

Psychopathic: The Videos Part 2 contains about thirty music videos in total from Insane Clown Posse, ABK, Blaze Ya Dead Homie, Big Hoodoo, Twiztid, Cold 187um, Violent JJ, The Dayton Family, Boondox, DJ Clay, MC Breed, Violent J, all released and currently unreleased music videos from The Mighty Death Pop, AND the complete collection of Psyphers!

Since back in 2007 the Video Department has evolved into an unstoppable beast and this DVD is going to highlight that! Psychopathic: The Videos Part 2 will be dropping on and in stores nationwide later this year in the Fall. Keep checking here on for the complete video listing to drop! You can try piecing it together yourselves, but there are some never before seen videos you can’t even begin to predict that will be included! You’ll just have to pick it up for yourself to get the full flavor, Fam!